The synthesis that meaningful understanding demands is complex and the media is not providing it. Even intelligent and educated people are too confused to make sense of spider-brained, commercially and politically poisoned piece-of-crap reporting.

CNN and Fox News are ultimately responsible for the chaos because they act more like a publicity megaphone that brainwashes people on behalf of the republican party rather than a legitimate news organization that reports facts.

In the past, when George Bush was the President and his brother Jeb, disenfranchised black voters to steal Florida, the media did not appropriately scrutinize the corruption to prevent Al Gore from being robbed of the opportunity to be the president. Today, nothing flies under the radar but those who are responsible for turning the media into a Ministry of Propaganda have replaced the pursuit of the truth with the attenpt to secure the most foot soldiers to advance a specific, culture war agenda. The recent firing of CNN's Brian Stelter illustrates the manner and the method that is currently being deployed in effort to control, rather than to report the message.

This is what Forbes said about CNN's decision to dump Stelter; "Reliable Sources has been one of CNN's few ratings success stories, regularly finishing as the network's highest-rated weekend show. It was also a venue for talking about how the media covers stories, a beat that Stelter covered as well as if not better than anybody else. But that put people like Donald Trump and networks like Fox News regularly under the microscope, making Stelter a favorite target for conservatives convinced that CNN's biased against them."

"This is a terrible move by CNN. Brian Stelter was the symbol of a media establishment willing to question itself," said Dan Froomkin, editor of Press Watch. "He was a flawed but essential voice in the national media. His firing is a win for all the wrong people."

We say that all the wrong people can kiss our ass. We all now know that if you want the truth, you follow independent sources on the Internet, not all the propagandists (like Scott Jennings and Karl Rove) who are directly responsible for turning America's republican party into a brainless cult where lawless membership that routinely trashes the Constitution is actively promoted rather than discredited and/or jailed.

Vox provided the best reason that clearly explains why Brian Stelter was pushed out of his job.

According to their credible theory, Stelter is simply the victim of John Malone, the billionaire cable magnate and the most powerful investor in Warner Brothers Discovery Inc., which now owns CNN and the rest of what used to be called Time Warner.

Malone's politics lean quite right/libertarian. Current and former CNN employees believe Malone's view of CNN is entirely colored by Fox News. "John Malone doesn't watch CNN. John Malone only watches CNN via Fox News," says a CNN employee. "If I watched CNN via Fox News, I would hate CNN too."

This version of events sounds like what Elon Musk tried to do with Twitter -buy it outright, more likely on behalf of Saudi Arabia who is also interested in giving incompetents like Trump another chance to screw things up even more.

It appears that Malone succeeded where Musk failed and that is a disturbing trend.

Stelter spent a great deal of time criticizing the American right's embrace of disinformation, he was a target of Fox News hosts like Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity, who delighted in lampooning him for practicing or at least trying to practice actual journalism. The three stooges aformentioned above spend most of their time kissing the ass of their cult leader and those who helped advance his lunatic schemes.

Asked about this theory by the New York Times, Malone gave a candid admissions in the guise of denial: Mr. Malone said he wants 'the news' portion of CNN to be more centrist, but I am not in control or directly involved."

Malone believes Stelter represented the excesses of CNN's coverage and that is evidently why he was fired. Malone and his managers - Warner Brothers Discovery CEO David Zaslav and Chris Licht, the executive Zaslav hired to replace Zucker - will find other CNN journalists they want off the air as well. Don Lemon has a big target on his forehead, and we make this assessment today, August 20, 2022. How long do you think he is going to last?

Maybe they got rid of the white guy first because they were afraid they would be called racists.

And that's how you behave if you are all about publicity and no substance or integrity.

It is now reasonable to say that CNN is no better and no worst than Fox News and since they have both hit rock bottom, there is only one way for them to go.

Looking forward to monitoring their growing pains.

Since the Bush years, we have all known that CNN analysts like Scott Jennings are nothing more than republican cult propagandists and now that the entire network is becoming nothing less, we should all appreciate more independent sources like the one you are reading right now because that is essentially what Brian Stelter used to be -a credible, albeit flawed voice. In our case, we are more credible than flawed because our perspective is historic and if we do not know enough about the topic we discuss to be able to be objective, we maintain silence - a luxury that Brian did not have.

Grow up media. You are not as important or as credible as you think you are. Go back to basic principles; first, do no harm and then, try and do better for all the people who are currently taking you far more seriously than they should.

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